OSX Mac Installation And Setup

This guide outlines how to get and set up the eduReader application on your apple computer.

Step One

Step 1 : Visit the download page

Go to the edureader download page and you will be presented with something that looks simalar to the following layout.

Then click on the green button that reads "Download eduReader" or scroll down until you see the download options that are listed in step 2.

Step Two

Step 2 : Select the correct download option

When you are presented with the dowload options, click on the option that reads "Download MacBook" (This is the option that is green in the screenshot)

Step Three

Step 3 : Wait for the download to complete

After you have selected your download option. The download will start. If you are using safari the download will appear in the top right corner. You can view the progress of the download there.

Do not be alarmed if the file name in the screenshot is not the same as the one you are downloading. We do updates on a regular basis.

Step Four

Step 4 : Mount the DMG file

When the download is complete, we need to mount the DMG file (A DMG file is a package that is used to distribute apple software).

To mount the DMG file, simply double click on the downloaded item. This can be done from the menu in safari, or from your downloads folder.

Step Five

Step 5 : Wait for the DMG file to mount

When you double click the DMG file to mount it, a window similar to the one in the screenshot will appear. Wait for it to complete.

Step Six

Step 6 : Drag the application to the applications folder

Drag the eduReader icon (elephant in the circle) to the applications folder by clicking your mouse curson down on the edureader icon and then dragging it to the applications icon and then releasing.

Step Seven

Step 7 : Wait for the application to copy to the applications folder

A progress bar will appear that will display the progress, when the box dissapears, continue to the next step.

Step Eight

Step 8 : Find the application in the launchpad

If you followed all the steps until now, the application will be in your launchpad. You can click on it to launch it.

Step Eight

Pro Tip : Use spotlight search to find the installed app

Mac has a cool feature that allows you to search everything on your computer, simply type what you are looking for and press enter.

Press the cmd key together with the spacebar key to launch spotlight search.

Step Nine

Step 9 : Move the application to the dock for quick access

If you would like to have quick access to the application, drag it into your dock.

Step Ten

Step 10 : Open the application

Click on the application to launch it. You will be prompted with a window that is similar to the screenshot. Click on the button that reads "Open" to open the application.

Step Ten

Congratulations you have successfully installed and launched the eduReader application on your mac computer

You will see a window very similar to the one in the screenshot, click on the button that reads "Log In". Use the details that you used to register to log into the eduReader.

If something went wrong, or was not exactly as noted in the steps, try some of the solutions below.

alt step 6

The window in step six did not open automatically

Find the icon in the screenshot, it will be located on your desktop, and double click it to open the window that is listed in step 6.

alt step 6

I was asked if I wanted to replace or keep the file

If a warning appears stating that the item already exists, click on replace.

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