Ace it! Natural Sciences Grade 8 Cover

Ace it! Natural Sciences Grade 8

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If you want to take Life Sciences and Physical Sciences as subjects from Grade 10, then you will need to do well in Natural Sciences in Grade 8 and Grade 9. This is your first year of high school, so this is a good time to ensure that you do not have any gaps in your understanding of important scientific and biological concepts. For example, one of the most challenging topics in Physical Sciences is Work, Power and Energy. Many learners struggle with this section because they do not have a good enough foundation from Grade 8, where Energy and Change is covered. Similarly, many Matric learners struggle to answer questions around the interdependence of organisms. The foundation for this topic can be found in Grade 8 (Life and Living). With detailed descriptions, annotated diagrams and practice questions, you can use Ace it! Natural Sciences Grade 8 to take control of your how you learn and remember Natural Sciences concepts. Ace it! Natural Sciences Grade 8 contains tips to help you understand how to write exams – a skill that is essential for success in high school.

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