Ace it! Mathematics Grade 9 Cover

Ace it! Mathematics Grade 9

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Whether you choose to do Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy from next year, you will still need the Mathematical knowledge and skills taught in Grade 9. Many learners feel left behind in class – they need a bit more explanation and practice to master a particular skill. This especially applies to algebra; examiners often complain that learners have not mastered algebraic skills taught in Grades 8 and 9, and that this affects learners’ ability to do well in the Matric exam. Ace it! Mathematics Grade 9 will help you to ensure that you progress to Grade 10 with skill and confidence. Detailed step-by-step explanations and worked examples are included for you to work through in your own time and at your own pace, making sure that you have mastered something before building on it further. Test your skills by doing the practice questions and working through the sample exam questions at the back of the book.

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