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Ace It! History Grade 10

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For many learners, the subject of History seems to involve an overwhelming amount of reading and learning facts and dates. While it is true that studying History requires a certain amount of diligence, it is not true that you only need to learn timelines to pass your exams. History is a fascinating subject that requires you to analyse, compare, contract, describe and speculate about things that have happened in the past. Ace It! History Grade 10 can help with it all – the content and dates, as well as the skills you will need to be able to answer the more challenging questions in your exam. In Grade 10 you will need to start practising your ability to analyse historical sources, such as cartoons, newspaper and magazine articles, extracts from books and diaries and photographs and artwork. Ace It! History Grade 10 will set you on the right path to succeed in your study of History – in Grade 10 and beyond.

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