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Ace it! History Grade 11

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The ability to contrast and compare, and analyse and describe the events of history are a key component of your History Grade 11 examination. None of this would be possible, however, without a deep understanding of the order of events and circumstances around a particular major historical event. Ace it! History Grade 11 helps you to develop these skills by providing you with the content you need to understand what happened, where it happened, why it happened and how it happened. Only then can you begin to analyse it and to see it in a wider context and timeline. Ace it! History Grade 11 takes a source-based approach, which is the preferred approach to studying History in both CAPS and IEB schools. Ace it! History Grade 11 will provide you with the necessary skills and context to be able to use sources to further an argument or make assumptions about a particular event or person in history. This will help to prepare you thoroughly for your History Grade 11 exam.

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