Ace it! Mathematics Grade 11 Cover

Ace it! Mathematics Grade 11

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Whether you’ve fallen behind or want to keep building on your strong Mathematics foundation, Ace it! Mathematics Grade 11 can help you. With detailed descriptions to help you understand the Maths, worked examples to help you develop Maths skills, and practice questions throughout to help you apply what you’ve learnt, your results are sure to improve with Ace it! Mathematics Grade 11. Build on your skills relating to functions, algebra, probability and algebra, and also hone in on your financial mathematics skills. Revision of work from earlier grades is provided for certain sections, in order to ensure that you are fully prepared for new content. Number patterns and statistics are other areas of concern for examiners, and with the help of detailed worked examples and practice questions in Ace it! Mathematics Grade 11, you will be able to write your Grade 11 exam with skill and confidence.

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