Ace it! Life Sciences Grade 12 Cover

Ace it! Life Sciences Grade 12

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This is it! Your final Life Sciences examinations (Paper 1 and Paper 2) are around the corner, and you need to know what is most important, how the questions will be asked and the skills you need to be able to write the exams successfully. A common complaint from examiners is that Life Sciences Grade 12 learners often have the required knowledge but they don’t understand how to answer the questions. Ace it! Life Sciences Grade 12 features practice exam questions to help you prepare. Use the questions and the memos to test your knowledge and your understanding of the requirements of the question. This is especially important when it comes to writing Paper 2. In order to improve your essay-writing skills, it’s essential that you (a) understand your content and (b) know how to write a good essay. Ace it! Life Sciences Grade 12 can help you with both.

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