Ace it! Mathematics Grade 12 Cover

Ace it! Mathematics Grade 12

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A common concern for examiners is that the foundational skills  needed to be able to skilfully do Mathematics in Grade 12  are often missing. This means that learners are attempting to do Mathematics that is too advanced for their knowledge and skill levels. People will tell you that the best way to prepare for a Maths exam is to practice, practice, practice. They are correct, except they forget that you also need to understand what you are practising. This is where Ace it! Mathematics Grade 12 can help. With plenty of detailed descriptions, worked examples and practice exam questions, Ace it! Mathematics Grade 12 is your best tool for improved Mathematics results in Grade 12. Not only will you be able to practise the skills required to complete the exam, you will also learn to understand the exam questions properly – a skill that many learners lack and that will ensure success.

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