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Ace it! Physical Sciences Grade 12

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Physical Sciences (divided into Physics and Chemistry) in Grade 12 is a challenging subject. However, provided you have made an effort to understand the content and practised applying the skills as much as possible before the exam, you should be able to get good marks for the exams. Ace it! Physical Sciences Grade 12 can help you with both of these revision tactics. The complex content is broken down into step-by-step explanations and worked examples. Definitions and concepts that you need to know for each section are provided, to remind you about sections from previous grades that you may need to revise. There are also quick quiz questions throughout to help you test your knowledge. This gives you an opportunity to check that you have grasped something fully before moving on. An entire section of Ace it! Physical Sciences Grade 12 is dedicated to practice exam questions and the suggested answers to these. This is the most powerful revision tool, and something that you should make the effort to do.

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