Shuters Top Class English FAL Grade 2 Learner's Book Cover

Shuters Top Class English FAL Grade 2 Learner's Book

Author : Canessa Mottram, Hayley Fakir, Irene Reid
Hardcopy ISBN : 9780796049186
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Ebook ISBN : 9780796053497

Shuter's Top Class English provides a complete and comprehensive teaching and learning programme for First Additional Language Learners. Grade 2 includes: • Learner's Book Provides a practical, scaffolded approach to the acquisition of the language A carefully interlinked phonics programme Varied texts and activities to engage the learners Colourful and supportive artwork to promote visual literacy • Workbook Learners practise their skills They make their own mini books - there is never a shortage of reading material • Teachers Resource Pack includes: Teacher's Resource Manual A practical, week-by-week, teaching programme for all four terms Formal Assessment Tasks which are aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement Photocopiable resource material and TOP PUPPET - an integral part of the programme and provides a wealth of opportunities for the learners to practise the language.

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