Shuters Top Class Life Skills Grade 2 Teacher's Resource Book Cover

Shuters Top Class Life Skills Grade 2 Teacher's Resource Book

Author : Sue Boucher, Jane Brown, Jenny Mostert, Stella Hortop, Sally Kelly, Hilary Mclernan, Ragani Moodley, Sibongiseni Mcaba
Hardcopy ISBN : 9780796044518
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Ebook ISBN : 9780796053053

Top Class Life Skills programme is part of a comprehensive Foundation Phase series that is written in accordance with CAPS requirements. The Top Class series consists of: Learner's Book: which provides learner-centred and practical activities, using varied texts and activities to engage the learners with colourful and supportive artwork to promote visual literacy. Workbook: Relevant activities linked to the Teacher's Resource Book and Learner's Book, hands-on activities to reinforce and consolidate learning in a user-friendly layout with attractive illustrations. Teacher's Resource Pack includes: Teacher's Resource Book: A practical, week-by-week, teaching programme for all four terms, including Formal Assessment Tasks which are aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), Photocopiable resource material and other teacher-recommended tools such as: • Charts (Grade 1, 2, 3) • A clock (Grade 1, 2) • A magnifying glass (Gradel, 2, 3) • Hand puppets (Grade 1) • Skipping rope (Grade 2) Model of skeleton (Grade 3) • Paint palette (Grade 1, 2, 3) • Wooden castanettes (Grade 2) • Tambourine (Grade 1) • Wooden musical instrument (Grade 1) Top Class Life Skills is also available in other languages. • Siswati • lsiXhosa • lsiZulu • Sepedi

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