Shuters Premier Mathematics Grade 4 Learner's Book Cover

Shuters Premier Mathematics Grade 4 Learner's Book

Author : C. Jackson, J Raubenheimer
Hardcopy ISBN : 9780796058904
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Ebook ISBN : 9780796043986

A carefully structured and well-paced learning experience which offers: Learner's Book • The content presentation is scaffolded • The textbook provides clear explanations of new concepts and well-constructed examples • The layout is accessible and easy to navigate • Activities move from simple to complex and stimulate critical thinking Teacher's Guide • There are step-by-step guidelines for all the activities • Provides all the required Assessment Tasks which are aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement • Photocopiable tests and exams with relevant memoranda • A photocopiable, daily mental programme which is also available on a printable CD

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