Shuters Sound Sense Phonics Workbook 1 Cover

Shuters Sound Sense Phonics Workbook 1

Author : Sandra Matzopoulos
Hardcopy ISBN : 9780796031365
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Ebook ISBN : 9780796054876

Foundation Phase Phonics Programme Shuters Sound Sense is a complete guide to the teaching of phonics in the Foundation Phase. This programme has been designed for all learners who are learning to read in English. It adopts a practical, step-by-step approach providing guidance on how and when to introduce the phonic sequence. The book is strudured in such a way that the consonant groups and vowels are reinforced throughout. The components for each grade: Phonics Workbook • Provides step-by-step practice on sound/symbol relationship • Reinforcement activities throughout • Artwork promotes visual literacy • Layout is user-friendly Teacher's Guide • Comprehensive and provides step-by-step guidance • Links adivities to the phonics sequence • Includes names of the pictures which learners need to identify and answers to adivities • A visual vocabulary is provided • There is a template of the alphabet

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