Author : ashWin desai and goolaM Vahed
Hardcopy ISBN : 9781430600091
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Monty Naicker was a key political fi gure at a time when the Congress Alliance began to pull Nationalist, Communist, Indian and African, workers and middle classes, into a liberation struggle united behind the Freedom Charter. This book covers the fullness of his life, travelling through the pages of his diaries and a myriad of other places – from edinburgh to the dungeons of apartheid’s prisons to the challenging rhythms of the six-foot dance. It also chronicles the stories of other activists, inside and outside the Congress Alliance, who have barely merited a footnote in the histories of the liberation struggle. Coming at a time when the Tri-Partite Alliance is trespassed with deep fi ssures, and when non-racialism is on the retreat, the book’s searching look at the period when unity was fi rst forged, illustrates that now, more than ever in South Africa, history matters.

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